Walking Football

WALKING FOOTBALL is up and running – well, up and strolling at least! Sonning Common Health Centre has formed a working partnership with Rotherfield United FC to establish a WF team. After several “pilot” events, a dozen enthusiastic players have now joined the team. WF is fast becoming a popular version of the “beautiful game”. More and more people who love football but have been unable to play for whatever reason, discover the health benefits and the opportunity to meet new friends. The rules are the same as conventional football but no running, jogging or tackling is allowed. We all know exercise is great for health and for many people WF may be “just the ticket”. Regardless of age, fitness or ability WF is good for your heart, brain and musculoskeletal system and it’s a fun way to get active.

Rotherfield Walking Football club meets every Monday evening at 18.00 and Wednesday mornings at 10.00 at Bishopswood Sports Ground. Contact is Ian Massey ian.massey28@gmail.com Phone: 07738302585