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A Speedwatch team comprising a team of volunteer villagers was set up to monitor speeding motorists through the village. Trained and supported by the local police, the volunteers noted registration numbers of speeding vehicles and passed them on to the police.  Subsequently a warning letter was sent to the motorist and, if repeat occurrences were noted, a fine could be implemented.  Because of malfunctioning monitoring equipment, the Speedwatch team were disbanded.

Does speeding concern you?  Would you like the Speedwatch team to be reinstated?  Are there any particular roads where speeding is of concern to you?

Third Runway at Heathrow

With the approval of the third runway at Heathrow, there is concern that there will be an increased amount of air traffic in the skies over Rotherfield Peppard. Our MP, John Howell, has received many communications from concerned constituents.

Does this concern you?

Third Reading Bridge

There has been much local discussion about the proposed Third Reading Bridge which would cross the Thames and enter south Oxfordshire by Caversham Park.

Do you have any views on how this would affect you personally or Peppard as a whole?