The Sports Pavilion & Field

In 1946 Lionel George Chater of Peppard Cottage conveyed 6.8 acres of common land (regulated by the Nettlebed & District Commons Conservators) to the Parish Council for the purpose of being used as a public open space and the War Memorial Playing Field for the village of Peppard.  It is believed that the local community raised funds for the building of the Sports Pavilion that is dedicated to those who died in the Second World War.  The design of the pavilion was approved by Lionel Chater and the Commons Conservators.  Presumably, more information can be found in the Parish Council minutes that are lodged with the Oxford Records Office.

In 2005, a further conveyance was drawn up that made reference to the Chater conveyance whereby the N.P.V. Fleming Will Trust conveyed the same parcel of land to the Parish Council as doubts were expressed by the trustees as to the validity of the Chater conveyance by reason of want of title on the part of Lionel George Chater.  In both instances, the land was passed over to the Parish Council in “fee simple”.

In 2008, and after a long process, registration of the Parish Council’s title was finalised.

In the Spring of 2016 the Peppard News featured an article on the Sports Pavilion which is attached here.

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