Tabitha Cairns

A Breathtaking Dancer

tabTabitha Cairns is 10 years old and started ballet dancing when she was three years old and has been dancing ever since. She remembers not having a leotard for her first ballet lesson and she had to wear a baggy dressing up costume. She enjoys dancing a lot and always feels relaxed and refreshed whenever she dances. When she is older, she imagines herself as a professional ballet dancer.

Every Wednesday, Tabitha practices ballet, and used to on a Friday, to prepare her for her Grade 2 exams. Tabitha passed Grade 2 and is now in Grade 3. The highest grade is grade 6. Her favourite ballet move was a hard decision to make but it had to be dancing at the bar. When she is at the bar, she feels relaxed because the bar is supporting her.

Her first big performance was two years ago at the Kenton Theatre, when she did Alice in Wonderland. She started as one of the leading roles, The Queen of Hearts. Also, last year, she did a solo dance for Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat, (with a little help from the Foundations!).She had lots of fun and it gave her confidence for her biggest audition ever …

In 2014, Tabitha auditioned for a place at the Royal Ballet School in London. Beforehand, she was excited because a place would mean a lot to her. Sadly she didn’t get a place and she wants to try again when she is older.

Overall, Tabitha Cairns is a phenomenal ballet dancer and she never wants to stop.

Lillibeth, Marie and Finlay, Junior Editors