Sue Nickson – Junior Peppard News Liaison

Sue moved to Peppard with her husband and two daughters in 1987 and loves living here.  The girls have long since flown the nest and she has four much loved grandchildren.  Two grandsons live locally and Sue cared for them pre-school so that her younger daughter could return to work.

sue-colourSue is a coordinator of the Home Visiting Service for the FISH Volunteer Centre.

Sue enjoys her contact with Peppard Primary School through our four enthusiastic Junior Editors, interviewing young people for the newspaper’s Young Achievers column as well as adults for items of local news.

During a career in Social Work, Sue often had to write long and sometimes tedious reports but can now enoy writing for pleasure. Having previously written poems and short stories she published In Common Memory in May 2015, a book about the last 75 years of Kingwood and Peppard Commons.  She interviewed about 40 people for the book in which local people talk about their lives and events relating to the commons.  It also contains many local photos.  The book is priced at £11.99 and can be bought directly from Sue.  She can be contacted via e-mail on  Profits from sale of the book will go to our village charity Peppard Relief in Need. Further information on the book can be seen by clicking this link.