Sonning Common Health Centre Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The PPG is a small group of active and helpful patient volunteers from Sonning Common Health Centre. We provide a link between patient and staff to improve it’s health care provision and environment to mutual benefit.

The role of the PPG is to be a ‘critical friend’ to the practice. We are there to gain information about responsiveness and quality of services, from a patient perspective, therefore being able to provide informed insight back to the practice.

The PPG are also present to encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own health and their family’s health; this is done by organising health promotion events in consultation with the Health Centre and improving health literacy available to patients.

The Sonning Common Health Centre PPG will communicate and research regularly with the patient and practice users about current Health Centre issues and advances as well as any other concerns or recommendations they may have. This helps us to optimise knowledge of the patient population and make sure they are as informed as possible. In turn we can then help make their whole Health Care experience as efficient as possible.

Sonning Common Health Centre was rated Outstanding after its last Care Quality Commission visit. We are very proud to say we are one of only 6% practices in the country to receive this rating. And in a recent patient satisfaction survey the Health Centre came 51st in the country out of 7,901 practices. The PPG are here to help the practice continue to provide the best service it can and hopefully improve on this already amazing ranking.

If you have any feedback or comments, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch – we would appreciate hearing from you via the communication links below.

The PPG is currently looking for new members to help it fulfil its role. If you are interested in joining Sonning Common Health Centre PPG, or have any questions or feedback for us, please do get in contact either via the website’s “Contact Us” link at via our email address or directly at the Health Centre on a PPG contact form which is held in reception.