Sonning Common Green Gym

The Green Gym is becoming more and more popular, so much so that we can’t do everything we are asked to do. In this present quarter we had requests for 37 half day sessions of work and there are only 25 available (we don’t work Boxing Day!). We now have five sites alone in or near to Goring and Streatley including the churchyard, South Stoke Recreation Ground, Streatley Meadow, Cleeve Meadow and Withymead Nature Reserve.

And the latest medical research shows that regular physical activity reduces the risk of dementia, depression, heart disease and stroke. So if you’ve been thinking for a while you ought to do something about exercise, don’t leave it any longer. Give us a call or visit our website. It’s difficult for some people to join a new group and one of us is always happy to take you to your first session! Call Robin Howles on 0118 972 3528 or visit our website