Peppard Sports Pavilion

The following has been taken from the Summer 2019 issue of the printed version of Peppard News.

The first cricket match this year was played on Saturday 11th May. Interesting to compare with the first opening match ever played there on 3rd May 1952!

‘Everyone on the council is very pleased with the refurbished Pavilion’ said Councillor Simon Crouch. It so much warmer, so much brighter. The new kitchen and changing room facilities are also much improved’.

The WWII Memorial Pavilion was first opened in 1952, seven years after the end of the war. That was a period of intensive building after all of the destruction wrought during the war years. A ‘Building Licence’ was required – and not issued until 1951. Both building materials and skilled builders were at a premium and, coupled with the challenge of raising funds for the project, building was not completed until 1952*.

Some interesting facts have been uncovered during the refurbishment: you may know that there used to be an active Golf Club in Peppard. Each year an annual competition was organised for competitive golf members. If they won, their names were entered on to the Club’s Roll of Honour board. During modernisation this board was rediscovered. It has now been refurbished and returned to the Pavilion. Winners from 1908 are listed…celebrating over 100 years of sport played on or near our field and Pavilion!

Also, the Pavilion displays a plaque to the WWII ‘Parish fallen’. This lists those brave, local men who gave their lives for our country’s freedom: 18 names are recorded. During recent research for the book A History of Courage and Foresight by James Hern and Gerry Bacon (members of today’s Peppard Stoke Row Cricket Club), it came to light that four further parishioners also gave their lives. As such, it was decided that they should also be honoured similarly – and a matching new plaque has been collocated near the original.

A third plaque has been added. This lists the names of those who have donated to this new project. The Pavilion is clearly as popular as ever – over 120 names are listed!

The cricket club (PSRCC) now manages the Pavilion and both they and the Parish Council are keen to promote the Pavilion’s new facilities. ‘Of course, the we were under an obligation to repair the roof and generally make good – hopefully for another 70 years – but, at the same time, we wanted to bring the facilities up to modern day standards. The Cricket Club have been fantastic in guiding us on how best to do this. We have incorporated larger, extended changing rooms, better shower facilities, a modest bar/hatch to allow for an after match ‘review’ (and smaller private functions), full disabled access with shower and WC facilities. Two new storage areas have also been configured. Additionally, the Pavilion now benefits from a larger car park and a new, substantially larger, equipment shed’ says Simon Crouch.

A defibrillator has been added to the Pavilion’s inventory, along with upgraded security lights and 24/7 CCTV.

Environmentally, the Pavilion is now ‘state of the art’; not only have bat boxes been incorporated behind bat tiles in the roof and more trees planted, but better wall insulation and double glazing make the central room decidedly ‘toasty’! Improved insulation making for greater energy saving in the process.

To mark the refurbishment of this WWII Memorial a grand ‘Reopening’ event is being organised with the help of the Peppard Revels Committee. Together, we are also celebrating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. On 31st August, there will be a fête in the afternoon and a simple marquee dinner dance in the evening – complete with 1940 Glen Miller style music!

Simon Crouch

The completed refurbishment photographs are set out below

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