It has been a couple of years since the Peppard Flat Earth Society has published a report for the Peppard News, the good news for some is that we are still functioning albeit in a much slower version of in the past. All members are still present in some form , physically speaking and still managing to stagger up to the Red Lion on a Friday evening, taking with us the results of spare part surgery. The average age of the group is now over 80.

The bowling section has now reduced to 4 having functioned for over 20 years, we will still carry on though. We have attended every lecture organised by the Henley branch of Café Scientifique, the standard of which is remarkably high and is to be recommended. We have provided the cooking team for the last 4 functions on the Common the last being the School’s Sports Day.

Last Thursday it held its annual Ladies Night at the Red Lion and all bar one member attended. It was made special as it appointed its own Patron Saint, Jennifer Smith as the patron of disasters, something to do with her managing to stay married to James our first leader for nearly 60 years. A point worth noticing is that all members have only had one partner, bucking the trend.

Its present leader handed in his notice, so we will be leaderless unless someone else takes up the reins.

August 2018