Pauline Lester

Pauline likes to keep busy. Well, she certainly does that. Over 25 years ago she spotted an advertisement asking for help during lunchtimes at Peppard School.  It entailed supervising up to 100 children during their lunch breaks. Since she lived in Church Lane at the time, it was easy enough for her to walk across the road to give her assistance.

Most of the children bring packed lunches prepared at home that they love having out on the nearby common but in bad weather two classrooms are dedicated for lunches. Pauline, along with another supervisor, oversees their activities during this period and ensures that they are always busy. On the common they can run around to their hearts’ content but during indoor lunches they draw, play games or read: She says that ‘one of her looks’ very quickly restores order if any child thinks of transgressing the rules.

At 73 she still keeps very active. Up until her 60s she played badminton and also squash at county level in the Oxfordshire league and these days, to remain fit, she joins the Health Walks on a regular basis.

Having moved away from Church Lane, she now lives locally with her daughter, Joanna, in Sonning Common but is still very involved in the Peppard community. Having been invited to the Peppard WI for a cup of tea, she went along out of curiosity: she soon found herself not only a member but also a committee member for that too. She also represents the Peppard WI on the committee for the Peppard War Memorial Hall committee.

Many years ago she ‘trod the boards’ at the Kenton theatre playing walk-on roles but she has maintained an interest in the theatre ever since. Now, purely for relaxation, Pauline thoroughly enjoys going along to the theatre with the Theatre Club from Sonning Common.  She enjoys any type of theatre and is looking forward to an upcoming performance of My Fair Lady at the Sonning Mill theatre.

We are very lucky to have such an active and committed person involved with our school.

Rita Hadgkiss