Oliver White

Oliver White is in Year 5 at Peppard School. He has been studying karate for five years having started at the age of four at an after-school club.

Oliver WhiteOliver studies with Sensei Jazz Mclearie at the Yudan Shakarate Club. His greatest achievement so far is getting the shield for the most up and coming student last year after representing his club at the Southern Regionals. He trains twice a week for an hour. He loves training and particularly likes the upper cut. He said this is where ‘you have your fist on your elbow and you push upwards.’

As part of the training Oliver has been through many gradings where he had to perform his karate sequences of moves in front of Sensei Bob. He has achieved his purple belt with white stripe. He explained the belt system, you start on a white belt and progress through orange, red, yellow, green, purple, purple stripe, brown, brown one stripe, brown two stripes and finally black. Oliver is working towards his brown belt now.

Oliver loves karate and would recommend it to everyone because it is fun, and it encourages self-discipline.

Oliver represented his club at the Southern Regionals.

 Freya Kriefman, Junior Editor