Nottakwire, a singing group for all.


Nottakwire is just what it says. At least, that’s what it was when we set it up in 2010. Great progress has been made over the years as members have come and gone and the gradual growth of musical understanding and choral skill – which is still ongoing – has become more and more evident. We have reached a point in time where we may need to consider a (slight) change of name!

Our supporters have been fabulous- attending our events and giving their time and practical help willingly. The Group has reached a point where it has almost out-grown the village hall. However, our ethos remains the same. We continue to keep live music in the centre of the village with the aim of bringing people together to experience all the benefits of singing together that are well documented.  There will always be challenges to face and overcome – but the rewards for all of us-  when we are able to bring a term’s work to  a point where we perform for the entertainment of our audiences-  and are then in a position to donate money to other groups in the community – are too great to turn away from.

Music is a universal language that joins us together across all boundaries – and it should be accessible to everyone. Yes, our human weakness means there are times when we fall short of our ideals – but (to use one of my favourite quotes from “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”) -” the only real failure, is the failure to try.”
And we will go on trying for as long as we are able to do so.