Nick Steele

nickOn Wednesday 2nd October we interviewed Mr Steele, our new Headteacher. We put together some interesting questions hoping to find out some serious secrets.

We started off with some easy questions and found out his favourite subject is maths because he said he was very good mentally with his numbers and he enjoys the challenge. We moved on to ask him about his favourite sports which was tennis, he said that it was because it didn’t involve as much running which is good because he can’t run as well as he used to. Looking back we asked him what he wanted to be when he was younger, when he was our age he wanted to be a professional footballer, but when he was sixteen and taking his exams he wanted to be an architect.

We dug a bit deeper and asked about what he likes and doesn’t like. He told us that he likes doing front crawl and reading crime books. When we asked him what he didn’t like Mr Steele was very firm and said BROAD BEANS!! Because he doesn’t like the texture, the taste and they don’t look very appetising.

Our final question was “if you were stranded on a desert island what two things would you want to take with you and who would you want to be stranded with?” The person he would like to take with him was Bear Grylls and he would take a large box of matches and some kind of knife.

We have learnt some interesting facts about new Headteacher.

Harry Ayers and Darcey Smith, Editors of Junior Peppard News