News from Sonning Common Health Centre

Ear syringing at Sonning Common Health Centre

Like many practices in Oxfordshire, Sonning Common Health Centre stopped ear syringing at the end of March for all patients. Please note these exceptions:

  1. If a hospital’s Ear, Nose & Throat department is treating you and have requested it.
  2. Pre-referral to the Audiology (hearing) clinic.

There is a link to Ear Wax Guidance, which gives useful information on the SCHC website ( and this guidance is available in paper form at reception at the health centre.

Flu vaccines

We would like to reassure patients – over 65 years – that we will have sufficient vaccines to immunise those that require it. It may mean that your vaccination isn’t until mid to late November but with the mild weather we are confident that this will be in time to protect you from flu this winter.

Please phone Reception to book in your flu jab if you have not already done so. The health centre will add extra flu clinics if required and after 11th November will be able to offer flu jabs during any practice visit.

Keep Well, Keep Warm this Winter

Cold weather can be bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or older, and people with long-term conditions such as COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, diabetes or heart or kidney disease. Being cold can raise the risk of increased blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.
Make sure you have had or are scheduled to have your Flu jab. Poster and details are in the lobby at Sonning Common Health Centre and on the website.
Also, if you are 65 or over, you are eligible for the pneumococcal vaccine, which will help protect you from pneumococcal diseases such as pneumonia.
Check if you are eligible to have the Shingles vaccination, you have to be over 70 for this.

If you are feeling unwell visit the pharmacist at Day Lewis in Sonning Common for advice. It is a good idea to have a supply of painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen in stock at home for colds and sore throats.
If you have medication on prescription, check that you have sufficient especially at Christmas, the New Year when the health centre will be closed. You can order online if you use a computer to save going out in the cold. Enquire at reception for instructions.
If the Health Centre and the Pharmacy are closed and you need advice call NHS 111.
A leaflet ‘We’re here to help you stay well this winter’ is available from the lobby at the Health Centre

Keeping warm

The ideal bedroom temperature is 18° C (64° F), but keep your bedroom window closed when it is cold and 21°C (70° F) in the living room but you may wish for warmer if sitting down for long periods at a time, try to remain active. You can obtain a FREE thermometer from Oxfordshire AGE UK call 0345 450 1276 and ask for the ‘network’.
It is a good idea to have hot drinks and meals; keep supplies especially when the weather is bad and difficult to get out.
FISH provides transport, shopping trips, tea parties, befriending and much more. Phone 0118 9723986 or Email:

Register for FREE Utility Priority Service in the case of utility failure of power, gas or water supply. If you register for the priority service register with your local supplier, they will do their utmost to prevent your supply from going off and, if it does, make sure that your service returns as a matter of urgency, providing additional support if necessary in the meantime. Get more information from Oxfordshire County Council Emergency Planning Team 01865 323765 Website;