Mihael Majetic

Mihael MajeticMihael Majetic is a classical guitarist from Croatia currently studying at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London. There he is studying with Michael Lewin and other enowned classical guitarists. Mihael is active in chamber music as well, playing in guitar ensembles, with singers and other instrumentalists.

Mihael was born in 1994 in Valpovo, a small town in eastern Croatia, as the eldest son in a family of seven. He started his guitar from the age of 8 taught by his father and a year later started guitar education with Davor Kuzmanovic. In 2008 he met Ante Cagalj, one of the leading guitar teachers in Croatia, who encouraged Mihael to study with him in Zagreb.

Mihael  has won a number of first prizes in various national and international competitions. He has also given numerous solo and chamber music performances in Zagreb, on national television and in the best Croatian music halls. Mihael also regularly performs at the Royal Academy of Music, across the UK and in Croatia.

Additionally, Mihael has been teaching a number of students from 2014 as a way of helping to fund his continuing studies at the Academy. The recital he will give in Springwater Church is also hoped to provide towards his fees.