Mia Jobson

Snow White at The Kenton

miaShould I really try that tempting apple? Oh Yes, I should, or there will be ‘no show’ as I have the privilege of being Snow White at the Kenton Theatre’s New Year panto, directed by Muffin Hurst and presented by the Henley Children’s Theatre Group (HCTG) (http://www.henleychildrenstheatre.co.uk).

I moved to Peppard last year and have been a member of HCTG for seven years, being everything in past productions from a golden harp, a villager, to a scarecrow; however this will be my first time in the lead role.

We have just received our scripts and are now rehearsing every Saturday to get the show ready for you. Muffin manages to keep us focused on getting the performances right and having fun while we do it. This year is extra special for me, as aside from being Snow White, my best friend Amber is the prince. The challenge will be keeping a straight face as we sing to each other!

Hope to see you at the show.

Mia Jobson, 12 yrs