Matthew Davis’ Walk

Q. What’s circular with a pub in the middle and at each end?

A. This 6 miles, 2¼ – 3 hours, Chiltern Walk

Start at the Red Lion, go West along the Common, just before it goes downhill, take a right onto a little steep path, at the bottom take the bridleway on the right.
(2) Stay in the bottom of the valley, great beech woods and bluebells, disgusting green fence (sometimes property is theft!)
At the end wiggle right past a fence, coming out onto the road,
(3) turn left, after 200 yards at the speed sign take a path on the right over a drainage ditch up through a glorious wild garlic wood.
(4) At the top, either go to the Rising Sun on the right for lunch, or, to carry on, go left and immediately right on a track to find a footpath on the right, marked to Highmoor. Follow this across open fields to a lane, (
5) go straight around the back of Old Barn, turn right to the B481. Cross the road, go left along a lane turning right just after the Nettlebed Estate Office. Follow this bridleway past a pond
(6) then turn left. Come out into classic country estate, go straight ahead crossing the lovely driveway then around a sunken copse to your left and down into a beech wood.
(7) After 500 yards take a right uphill to Rocky Lane.
On Rocky Lane turn left then 30 yards right, past orchards in a secret valley to Lands’ End,
(8) turn left then rightish through a wood. Arriving at Greys Green turn sharp right at a five-bar gate, over two roads into the golf course, turn right,
(9) all the way back to the start.

This map contains Ordnance Survey data  © Crown copyright and database right 2015

Matthew Davis