Know Your Councillor

To help our readers know more about the people that represent them we feature an occasional column entitled ‘Know Your Councillor’ which aims to give a profile of the person.  Below are the representatives that we have featured (click on the name to read the article) and the issue in which they appeared:

Councillor Issue 
Charles Bailey – SODC Councillor Winter 2015
David Bartholomew – Oxfordshire County Councillor Summer 2013
Fiona Berry – Chairman of the Planning Committee Summer 2017
Linda Collison – Ex-Parish Council Clerk Summer 2012
Tony Cotton – Parish Councillor Autumn 2012
Simon Crouch – Chairman of the Parish Council Autumn 2016
Leeanne Flett – Parish Councillor Winter 2011
Dominic Hall – Parish Councillor Spring 2020
David Hammond – Ex-Chairman of the Parish Council Spring 2012
Paul Harrison – District Councillor Winter 2010
John Howell MP Autumn 2011
Nick Launders – Ex-Parish Councillor Spring 2011
Clive Mills – Ex-Parish Councillor Winter 2012
Jo Robb – District Councillor Autumn 2019
Dr Barry Wood – Ex-Chairman of the Parish Council Summer 2015
Jeni Wood – Chairman of the Parish Council Autumn 2018
Carol Viney – Ex-District & County Councillor Summer 2011