Kitty Powell

An Amazing Clarinettist

 Former Peppard student, Kitty Powell, has recently achieved her Grade 5 clarinet exam with Merit. Because of her success, we have asked her a few questions:

What inspired you to learn the clarinet? A ‘music man’ came to our classroom and advertised all of the different instruments and I thought “Ooh I want to do that!”

How do you feel before and after the exam? I’m not actually that worried at the start of the exam because I enjoy playing, but after I get quite nervous because I cannot change what I did.

Would you recommend the clarinet to other people? I would recommend playing an instrument, but choose one that you want to play and one that suits you.

Is there a trick to learning such an interesting instrument? Is it hard to learn? No, you just need to practise. When you start something new it is quite difficult. I would say the clarinet is no harder than anything else.

How long have you been playing the clarinet? Six years.

Do you often play in concerts? Yeah, I do about six a year.

What do you do when you hear something you can play? I normally start singing along.

And finally, what is your favourite sandwich filling? Tuna Mayo!

By Lois Powell