Imogen Chima

Young Writer

Imogen ChimaImogen Chima, in Year 3, enjoys writing immensely. In total she has entered three writing competitions and has been very successful in almost all of them. She is the kind of writer who loves letting her imagination run wild and making up all sorts of wonderful creatures in her writing. So naturally her favourite type of writing is fiction stories full of adventure. Imogen’s favourite piece of writing she has done is a piece she entered into a competition about World War One, and it took her approximately one hour to write. Surprisingly, Imogen’s favourite subject isn’t just English, but maths and art as well.

Imogen’s favourite book is Harry Potter and her favourite author is JK Rowling, who inspired her to write. Imogen also enjoys drawing and colouring illustrations for her lovely work.

And finally, the Junior Peppard News Editors always ask their interviewees what their favourite sandwich filling is and Imogen’s favourite is ham.

 Interviewed by Kea Davenport