Ian Fraser, Advertising & Distributions Manager


Ian’s career began in 1957 when he started as a navigating cadet with the British India Steam Navigation Co.  He travelled the world in what he thought of as the University of Life . In 1961 he represented the Tailor and Cutter on ad sales dressed as a tailor’s dummy!

Then in 1968 he became Presentations Manager for Europe ’s largest magazine publisher where he worked with 1100 brilliant inventive, mostly female, journalists which meant an adrenalin rush 24/7 for 30 years – it was the best job in the world.

He arrived in Peppard in 2001 with his long suffering wife and lover, Pat.  He became very involved with community life from his role on the Peppard News publishing team to organising charity events, driving the FISH bus and maintaining the churchyard at All Saints’ and much, much more – still an adrenalin rush and loving every minute of it!