Helena Porter

Helena Loves to Dance

helenaI met Helena Porter on the day that she received the results of her Royal Academy of Dance Grade Two Exam. She passed with distinction and was clearly delighted! Now ten, she started dancing lessons aged three when the family was living in Sheffield. They moved to Peppard when she was five and since that time Helena has been attending JG Dance in Caversham one evening a week. Now she also goes to Theatre College at The Henley College Campus where she does tap, modern, ballet, drama, singing and limbering.

A professional touring theatre and dance company recently staged a performance of A Christmas Carol at The Kenton Theatre and at Newbury. JG Dance was approached to provide three young dancers to take the parts of the Cratchet children. Helena was thrilled to be chosen. She danced in four scenes with the other two dancers at two performances in Henley and four in Newbury. The experience gave her a real insight into the world of professional dance and drama and has strengthened her interest in becoming a professional dancer.

Helena attends Valley Road Primary School in Henley where her dancing is encouraged and she occasionally gives a performance. She is also well supported at home as her mum was a professional dancer. She finds time for her other interests too; trampolining, sport, art, craft and creative writing.

Sue Nickson