Helena Porter

Joint Head Girl

 15 year old Helena Porter lives in Peppard with her family and attends Gillotts School, Henley, where she has been chosen as Joint Head Girl. Traditionally there has been both a Head Girl and Boy but, as Helena explained to me, of the four girls and four boys who applied for the post she and another girl, a friend of five years’ duration, were chosen for their ability to fulfil the expected tasks.

Helena had to give a presentation, attend an audition with the Head and Deputy Head and finally was voted in by the other students: as a democratic process, the
students’ votes carried a lot of weight. Despite knowing that her new role will give her more responsibility and extra work, Helena welcomes the challenge and feels that she wants to give something back to the school that has given her confidence for the future.

She is already busy organising charity events raising money for projects in the third world, e.g. a non-uniform day, cake sale, a sponsored walk and the school Christmas fête. She will speak at Open Days and talk to parents of prospective new students, is in charge of team building and is a Sports Captain. Having organised speakers for the school, Helena is pleased that, following a talk about the Sea Cadets, some pupils have joined the local branch. She runs a dancing club at school and is having coaching at Peppard Tennis Club where she will help out at the summer camp for the younger children in the holidays.

For her GCSEs next spring she will be taking German, history, art and dance as well as the compulsory subjects.

Helena is clearly making the most of her time at secondary school and looks set for a bright future.

Sue Nickson