Georgina and Austin Thrustle

The generosity of little ones

It was a first for me to interview a Young Achiever while she pushed her doll’s pram round the room wearing a pair of high heels from her dressing-up box. To be more accurate, I talked to Tracey and Ian Thrustle, the parents of three year old Georgina and her five year old brother, Austin, about agreeing to give donations to charity instead of receiving birthday presents from friends. Last March, Austin shared his birthday party with two friends who also agreed to forgo presents in favour of donations to Helen and Douglas House, which provides respite care for disabled children, and between them, they raised over £1,000.

Georgina and Austin Thrustle

Tracey is a keen horse rider, Georgina loves horses and is learning to ride so they chose Wyfold Riding for the Disabled, near their home in Kingwood, as the charity to benefit from Georgina’s birthday party at Peppard War Memorial Hall. About 30 children attended the party and Tracey believes that, as donations to the charity were requested in-stead of presents, parents were more generous and a magnificent £335 was donated to Wyfold RDA. The family visited the charity to hand over the money and stroked some of the ponies.

Austin’s birthday comes around again soon and he will be sharing a party with a friend who has also agreed to donations going to Wyfold RDA.

Apart from feeling their children get enough presents from family without receiving them from friends as well, Ian and Tracey feel strongly about the amount of plastic used to produce children’s toys. So if money can go to charity, instead of their children receiving too many toys, it must go some way to combating the environmental issue of dangerous plastic waste.

Well done Austin and Georgina! Perhaps your generosity will inspire some other children to do the same.

Sue Nickson