Finn Colin

Finn Colin’s Charity Walk

Finn, his family and friends, walked through the night for a charity called the Alzheimer’s Society. Finn’s Grandma has the disease and he had wanted to raise money for quite a while; he had an idea that would make a difference. Finn decided to arrange a charity walk, his family supported him by spreading the word through social media and making a webpage where people could donate.

On the night of the walk, Finn and his family went to Pizza Express in Wallingford at 10pm to have a meal before they started their walk. At 10.30pm they were ready to start the walk, the hardest part was walking through Grims Ditch because it was all uphill. After this they stopped for a break, to have some sweets and energise themselves for the rest of the walk. They finally got home at 3.30am, but stayed up to watch the sunrise at 4.30am.

Finn’s family and friends were very proud as he had raised a whopping £1500.

Darcey and Harry, Junior Peppard News Editors