Elodie, Charlotte and Millie Jones

Our young achievers for this edition are Elodie Jones and her sisters Millie and Charlotte. They do synchronised swimming with Karen Bennet at the Henley Synchronised Swimming Club. They have done phenomenally well, winning medals for big events.

ElodieSince five years old Elodie has earned medals for helping out and learning crazy new moves like splits underwater. Elodie’s sisters, Millie and Charlotte, won a gold medal at a big competition in Kent for their amazing skills underwater. These girls have been doing so well they would love to continue to do synchronised swimming.

Elodie’s Mum inspired her to start synchronised swimming. At the beginning it was quite hard. She told us that ‘I practised two times a week to get better at synchronised swimming, so I wouldn’t find is as difficult when I’m older.’

While Elodie has more interests, synchronised swimming is her favourite thing to do. She said ‘I would love to do it as a career.’

By Evelyn Young