Eleanor Whittle

Eleanor Whittle is a Year Six student at Peppard Primary School , she is a synchronised swimmer for Henley Synchronised Swimming Club and competes in many competitions each year.
eleanorEleanor’s latest achievement is winning a Bronze Medal in the National Synchronised Swimming Competition (where nearly all of the squads go to), which is a great achievement for her and her squad. Eleanor started in July 2011 and feels she has improved greatly, she goes twice a week (Thursday and Sunday) at the Sports Centre in Gillots. Eleanor’s favourite ever medal is the bronze one which she got for getting 3rd best attendance.

Eleanor’s goal in synchronised swimming is to get skill one which is a very hard task. Her role model is her coach Miki, when she was asked why, she replied ‘Because she takes the time and effort to teach and help us to learn, she is also very good’.

Eleanor thinks she likes synchronised swimming a lot but just as a hobby, not as a career. Her squad consists of around ten girls and they all work together but she said ‘There is a lot of room for improvement altogether’.

Eleanor competes in 8-9 competitions each year and enjoys them a lot for the excitement, but it needs lots of team work and a tonne of practice.

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