Edward Hudec

Learning Karate

My palms are sweating, my heart is pounding. I can’t sit still in my seat. We are on our way to my first ever karate grading. As we pull up to what looks like a gym, I sink into my seat dreading going in.

edwardI started karate because my friend Morgan had started only a month before and I saw a great opportunity to try something new. I joined when I was 11 and was given a special suit to wear (a gi) along with a white belt. Since then I have been aiming for a black belt and have achieved 10 of the 11 belts so far. I am now 14 years old.

My first competition was when I had a purple belt; there were about 200 competitors in a hall and I had to fight two black belts because they were the same age and height as me. The umpire began the fight by making us stand opposite each other and we both bowed to begin. I got into my fighting stance and after five minutes, I found I had won, surprisingly, I came 3rd in my group and won a medal! One of the things I love about karate is how much you put into it is how much you receive back. Although karate seems to be all about punching and kicking, it really is about self-discipline and focus. I go to karate twice a week and the Sensei (karate instructors) are patient and understanding. Karate has given me a lot of confidence and I always just try my best. Hopefully by the end of this year I will receive YUDANSHA! ( A black belt)

Edward Hudec

Yudansha Club Classes are held at Peppard War Memorial Hall on Mondays 15:45-16:45 Tel 07891 511788 or see http://www.yudanshakarate.co.uk