Eden Kent

A former pupil at Peppard School and Peppard resident, Eden is a junior rower. She is just starting and is really enjoying it. We asked her a few questions.

When did you first start rowing? – I joined the squad last September but I originally started in March last year. What first inspired you to row? In
Henley, you see lots of rowers on the river and it seemed like a really fun way of exercising, so I wanted to give it a go. How long have you been rowing? Over a year, about 14 months. What type of boat do you row? Coxed quads, doubles and octos. How much do you train? 4 times a week so just over 13 hours. How difficult is it? Or what is the hardest thing to do in rowing? The hardest thing is the long training sessions, but it definitely pays off in the end. Also all the running especially the up hills!

Eden is second from left

Have you been in any races or competitions? And how did you do? Yes, I have been to quite a few. Most recently I went to Eton Dorney Lake where our team won in the regatta style race. Are you planning to take part in any more competitions? It is the start of the regatta season and I am really looking forward to the summer regattas. Would you recommend rowing to other people? Yes, it is a team building sport and has a great environment with my friends. Do you have fun? Of course, I have fun, the community is really nice and I have made lots of new friends.

She obviously loves rowing, and we wish her lots of luck in the upcoming regattas.

By Ellie Swanwick