Eden Kent

Eden Kent has been doing ballet for years. She dances at the Hilary Thomas Academy of Dance.

Eden in her Examination leotard

She recently sat her Grade 3 exam and achieved a merit. She said that, ‘Dancing is really relaxing, and I like how it transports you to another place.’

For her exam she had to wear a navy leotard, pink tights, ballet belt and leather ballet shoes. She also said that she had extra props and clothes for her character dance including a black skirt with pink ribbons, flower head-dress and character shoes. She had to wear her hair in a tight, slicked back bun with no frizzy bits sticking out. (This is really hard because she has curly hair!)

Eden says she would recommend ballet to everyone because it takes your mind off everything. We wish her the best of luck with her dancing.

Freya Kriefman, Junior Editor