Peppard People

Most of us love living in Peppard but amongst us there live a group of people who have a true affinity to Peppard.

Below are the people that we have been delighted to feature and the issue in which they appeared:

Peppard People Issue
Georgie Bird Spring 2017
Vik Chugani Winter 2016
Virginia Davis Spring 2014
Nigel Downing Winter 2015
Toby Greenwood Summer 2016
Dr John Hasler, OBE Summer 2013
Tony Hobbs, MBE Autumn 2017
Richard McQuillian Winter 2015
Dr Julia Milligan Winter 2012
Fred Nickson Spring 2016
Claire Overbury Winter 2014
Andrew Peach Spring 2013
Valerie Phelps Autumn 2017
James Richardson Summer 2017
Georgina Rose Winter 2015
Nick Steele Winter 2013
Nigel Wooding Autumn 2015