Constitution of Peppard News Publications

Peppard News is published by Peppard News Publications, an independent non-profit making body established for the sole purpose of publishing Peppard News


Constitution of

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The name of the organisation shall be Peppard News Publications.

Purpose of the Organisation

The prime purpose of Peppard News Publications shall be to publish a community newspaper for the residents of Rotherfield Peppard and those persons and bodies having an interest in the village and its affairs.

To distribute the community newspaper to the residents of Rotherfield Peppard free of charge, thus ensuring that all members of the community, irrespective of their financial resources, are able to receive community information and news of both general interest and more specific interest to help improve their wellbeing, lifestyle and social inclusion.

The name of the community newspaper shall be Peppard News. Peppard News shall maintain a neutral stance in publishing all matters.

Management of the Peppard News Publications

For the purposes of this document ‘Management Committee’ and ‘Committee’ are synonymous.

The body shall be managed by a Committee of a maximum of ten people committed to the furtherance and well-being of the community of Rotherfield Peppard.

The Committee shall be headed by a Chairman supported either by an Editor and Committee members or a full Editorial Team and shall include a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Each member of the Committee shall have the right to vote on matters relating to the business and management of the body. In the event of a no majority vote, the Chairman will have a casting vote.

Membership of Peppard News Publications

Membership of the body shall be open to all distributors of Peppard News, regular contributors and advertisers in addition to the members of the Management Committee. Requests to become members will be subject to approval by the Committee.

Regular contributors shall be allowed to nominate one from their organisation to represent their views to the Committee. Nominations must be made to the Chairman or Secretary of the Management Committee.

Regular contributors may only nominate one of their representatives for election to the Management Committee if a vacancy occurs following the annual re-establishment of the Committee. At no time shall the total representation of any contributor exceed one person.

Any member (distributor, contributor or advertiser) may attend a regular Peppard News Publications Team Meeting as an observer.

Publishing the Peppard News Publications Accounts and Business Plan

The Peppard News Publications accounts will be audited annually and subsequently published on the Peppard News website ( for public viewing.

The Business Plan for the forthcoming year will also be published.

Announcement of the above publication will be made in the following edition of Peppard News.

Committee Meetings

The Management Committee must hold at least four meetings a year.

The Committee shall elect a Chairman, an Editor or Editorial Team, a Secretary and a Treasurer on an annual basis. The Chairman may also be the Editor. The election by the Committee of the key roles (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) will take place during the first Committee meeting of each year.

At least four Committee members must be present at each meeting to allow decisions to be made. Minutes shall be kept of every meeting.

If a Committee member has a conflict of interest with a matter under discussion, they must declare it and leave the meeting while the matter is being discussed or decided.


Peppard News Publications shall be a non-profit making organisation. However, it must maintain adequate funds to meet its liabilities.

For the purpose of maintaining adequate funds, the organisation may, from time to time, receive donations or other financial support.

The main source of income for the organisation shall be from the sale of advertising space.

Money and property belonging to Peppard News Publications must be used for the body’s purposes.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping an accurate set of accounts.

No member of the body can receive any money, except to refund out of pocket expenses as agreed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer’s expenses will be agreed by the Chairman. All claims for expenses must be supported by receipts and must be for the sole benefit of Peppard News Publications.

All monies must be held in a bank and/or building society account.

All withdrawals or payments made from the bank account must be authorised by two Committee members. The Treasurer may take advantage of electronic payments and internet banking: the operation of internet banking does not override the requirement for authorisation by two Committee members for non-routine expenses.

The financial year of the body shall end on 31st December each year.

The annual accounts of the body shall be audited by a person independent of Peppard News Publications authorised by the Committee.

A current financial statement shall be provided at each Committee meeting by the Treasurer.

Extraordinary General Meetings

If the Management Committee considers it necessary to end the business of Peppard News Publications, it must call an Extraordinary General Meeting so that the membership can make a decision.

Any member has the right to request an Extraordinary General Meeting to which all members, as well as Committee members, will be invited and will be eligible to vote. The member must include an agenda item prior to the meeting. All members must be given 14 days’ notice and be told the reason for the meeting.

A minimum of six members, including Committee members, should attend to be quorate. All decisions require a two thirds majority of those present.

Minutes of the Extraordinary General meeting must be kept.

Winding Up

In the event that Peppard News Publications ceases its business, any money or property remaining after payment of debts shall be given to a local charity or charities nominated at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Advertisers will receive a pro-rata refund.

Setting Up Peppard News Publications

This constitution was adopted on 18th October 2011 by the original Committee members and further amended on 16th April 2018 by those whose names appear below. (A copy signed by all Committee Members is held by the Secretary.)

Angela Davison
Ian Fraser
Hilda Garnham
Rita Hadgkiss
Bob Newnham
Sue Nickson
Jennifer Smith