Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones, aged 11, is a hardworking synchronised swimmer. She has been doing synchronised swimming for over three years. She got into the sport when her swimming coach told her she was good enough to join synchro. At first, Charlotte was unsure because she didn’t know what synchronised swimming was but she went anyway to see what it was like.

Charlotte found her first lesson so much fun and has been doing syncro ever since. Charlotte is a flyer in her team. That is the person who gets thrown into the air. Her team goes to competitions three or four times a year. She has been to Nationals once but unfortunately didn’t win.

As a swimmer, Charlotte decided that she would raise money by doing 50 lengths. We and Charlotte’s family are very proud of her and we hope other people will be inspired by her.

When she grows up, one of the things she wants to be is a synchronised swimmer as she now enjoys it so much.

Overall, Charlotte loves synchronised swimming and can’t see herself doing anything else.

Kaan and Marie, Junior Editors