Chairman’s Report for 2017

Peppard News is published by Peppard News Publications, an independent non-profit making body established for the sole purpose of publishing Peppard News. Each year the Chairman publishes a report reviewing activities for the preceding 12 months

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Chairman’s Report – 2017

The most significant event for Peppard News during 2017 was the re-launch of our website. Bob Newnham joined us as our new Webmaster in April 2016 and spent a great deal of time researching different website platforms before eventually deciding upon WordPress.

He had carefully reviewed the existing website and made improvements to that before creating a new website and moving all the data across. It features many excellent photographs of Peppard taken by semi-professional photographer, Angela Davison, and also photographs from other residents too. To limit our costs the front page of Peppard News is in colour but all other photographs are in black and white however, these are substituted on the website version for colour photographs.

We are very proud of our new website which is now a thoroughly modern village website and thank Bob for all his endeavours.

In recent years we increased the number of our pages to 16 and yet we still struggle to fit all the articles in. We certainly appreciate the efforts of all our contributors and do make every effort to include all the articles that we receive but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. If articles are substantially reduced in size or not included then the website version of Peppard News has additional pages with Unabridged Articles or Omitted Articles.

We had operated without insurance since the inception of Peppard News Publications but decided that this was no longer viable. After some investigation we selected an insurance company that specialises in charitable and community organisations and took one of their policies which incurred a substantial increase in our costs.

We are extremely fortunate in receiving an annual grant from Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council but we have also received a very generous donation from Friends of Peppard School to help with the costs of Junior Peppard News and I would like to express my thanks to them.

We were also fortunate in being beneficiaries of the Waitrose Community Matters scheme who donated £209 to Peppard News. We would like to thank those people who, when shopping in Henley Waitrose, placed their green token in the Peppard News bin.

Junior Peppard News is featured on our three centre pages. Our Junior Editors, all from Peppard School, participate in our meetings and are always brimming with ideas for their section. I would like to thank Mrs Celia Hall for all her efforts in helping the children bring Junior Peppard News to fruition.

During 2017, Ian Fraser, our Advertising Manager, was extremely ill and underwent major surgery. However, this did not stop him playing a full role in participating in meetings and continuing to respond to any current or potential advertisers. His wife, Pat, gave tremendous help to both Ian and the rest of the team during this time and I would like to proffer my sincere thanks for her. We are all delighted to see Ian return to full health.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues, each of whom play a key role in bringing Peppard News to you: Jennifer Smith, Secretary and Contributions Manager, Angela Davison,

Assistant Contributions Manager, Hilda Garnham, Treasurer, Sue Nickson, Schools Liaison and Author, Bob Newnham, Webmaster and, of course, Ian Fraser, Advertising and Distribution Manager.

Thanks also go to all our Distributors –these are the people who walk around the village putting Peppard News through each and every letterbox

Rita Hadgkiss