Chairman's Report for 2019

Peppard News is published by Peppard News Publications, an independent non-profit making body established for the sole purpose of publishing Peppard News. Each year the Chairman publishes a report reviewing activities for the preceding 12 months

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Chairman’s Report – 2019

New technology in the printing process has meant that the reproduction of colour photographs is possible at no additional cost. At the end of 2018, we introduced colour photographs throughout Peppard News rather than just on the front cover and each edition in 2019 has reflected this improvement.

At the beginning of 2019 we received an unsolicited approach to quote for printing Peppard News. This was followed up and a full review of our printing costs was undertaken. Herald Graphics, who have printed Peppard News for a number of years, were informed of this review and offered a reduction in printing costs. In view of this action, we decided to continue giving Herald Graphics our business. Marcus Troth had been the point of contact at Herald Graphics for a number of years and 2019 saw him step down. We wish him well in his retirement.

In 2015, we increased the number of our pages to 16 and yet we still struggle to fit all the articles in. We certainly appreciate the efforts of all our contributors and do make every effort to include all the articles that we receive but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. If articles are substantially reduced in size or not included then the website version of Peppard News has additional pages with Unabridged Articles or Omitted Articles. We have had discussions about increasing the newspaper to 20 pages but concluded that the weight of carrying the concomitant increase in weight would be too much for our distributors.

We are extremely fortunate in receiving an annual grant from Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council but we have also received a very generous donation from Friends of Peppard School to help with the costs of Junior Peppard News and I would like to express my thanks to them.

Junior Peppard News is featured on our three centre pages. Our Junior Editors, all from Peppard School, participate in our meetings and are always brimming with ideas for their section. I would like to thank Mrs Celia Hall for all her efforts in helping the children bring Junior Peppard News to fruition.

At the end of 2019 we said a sad farewell to Angela Davison who had been our Assistant Contributions Manager and we thank her for all her work. Angela was a much valued colleague who made a great contribution to Peppard News since she joined us in 2012: at our meetings, Angela put forward her views in an incisive manner and her sense of humour always shone through. We always appreciated her superb photographs which, as a semi-professional photographer, she was willing to take for us.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues, each of whom play a key role in bringing Peppard News to you: Jennifer Smith, Secretary and Contributions Manager, Hilda Garnham, Treasurer, Sue Nickson, Schools Liaison and Reporter, Bob Newnham, Webmaster and, of course, Ian Fraser, Advertising and Distribution Manager.

Thanks also go to all our Distributors –these are the people who walk around the village putting Peppard News through each and every letterbox

Rita Hadgkiss

Chairman: Rita Hadgkiss
Secretary: Jennifer Smith, Treasurer: Hilda Garnham, Advertising Manager: Ian Fraser