Business Plan

Peppard News is published by Peppard News Publications, an independent non-profit making body established for the sole purpose of publishing Peppard News.

Each year the Chairman of Peppard News Publications produces a Business Plan giving goals to which the Management Committee strives to fulfill.

The current plan is set out below:

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Business Plan for the Year 1st January – 31st December 2020

Peppard News Publications

The organisation was established on 18th October 2011 by means of its Constitution and started operating on 1st January 2012.

Main Purpose of the Organisation

The organisation’s main aim is to publish a free community newspaper for all residents of Rotherfield Peppard and those persons and bodies having an interest in the village and its affairs.

Management of Peppard News Publications

The organisation shall be managed in accordance with the terms of its Constitution.


The product of the organisation is the community newspaper known as Peppard News and its website:; Junior Peppard News is included as an integral part of the newspaper.

Annual Plan

  • The organisation will publish and distribute four quarterly editions of Peppard News. Dates of publications and distribution shall be decided by the Management Committee.
  • The organisation will continue to review its processes – seeking ways to improve the production of Peppard News.
  • The organisation will review the costs on a regular basis and seek to make savings where appropriate.
  • The organisation will continue liaison with Peppard School and work with the nominated Junior Editors to produce Junior Peppard News.
  • The organisation will continue to review the Peppard News website.
  • The Editorial Team will endeavour to put in place a succession plan and recruit more team members accordingly.

Distribution of Peppard News

The distribution of the newspaper will be managed by a member of the Management Committee, who will use a number of voluntary distributors to deliver the product.


Peppard News Publications is a non-profit making body.

The main income of the organisation during the year is the revenue it collects from selling advertising space in the newspaper, giving preference to local businesses. A small charge is also levied for the insertion of flyers and newsletters. In addition, it is anticipated that it will receive a grant towards costs from Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council and also a donation from Friends of Peppard School as a contribution towards the costs of including the Junior Peppard News pages. Other charitable donations may be received.

The income for 2020 from these sources will be approximately £3,650

The main expenditure is the cost of printing, insurance and website maintenance. These costs for 2020 are expected to be £3,500

At times Peppard News Publications may be requested to manage the printing of flyers and the associated printing and insertion costs will be passed on to charity or public sector clients with no surcharge: commercial flyers will incur a small charge.

It is anticipated that there will be Management Committee and other miscellaneous expenses of approximately £35.

Advertising rates were increased by just over 5% in 2018, but although some costs have increased, with re-negotiated printing costs this year the current advertising rates will be held.

The estimated operating surplus at the end of 2020 will be approximately £115.

No payments will be made to the Management Committee or distributors other than the out of pocket expenses mentioned above.


A full report of the business, including a financial statement, will be published on the Peppard News website during 2020. Announcements will be made of the availability of the report for viewing within Peppard News.

Rita Hadgkiss