Bethan Toward

Bethan Toward is a Year 6 pupil at Peppard and is a really good dancer. She was inspired to dance by her mum who had danced as a young girl and dancing is in the family as her Bethan Towardyounger sister, Heather, and her aunt also dance. Once Bethan tried, she knew that dancing was for her. She is so enthusiastic that she loves all kinds of dance, ballet, modern and tap dancing.

We talked to her about what she’s doing now. She’s currently studying at JG Dance and loving her lessons. She has performed really well as a dancer, competing in the British Arts quarter- and semi-finals and she has won lots of medals including the award for most improved dancer. While she doesn’t want to make a career out of dancing, she said she always wants to continue dancing as a hobby.

Her favourite performance was the tooth fairy and she’s really looking forward to her next performance titled Mission Impossible!

Finally, we asked her what is her favourite sandwich filling: ham, cheese and cucumber!

We think she’s going to have a lot of fun dancing and wish her the best of luck with Mission Impossible.

By Evie Young