Award Winning Choristers

Three girls from All Saints’ Church Junior Choir have gained their Bronze Bishop’s Awards from the Royal  School of Church Music (RSCM). Congratulations to 14 year old Charlotte Field, 13 year old Lally Williams and 12 year old Susannah Field. Lally has been in the choir for seven years whilst Charlotte and Susannah joined around six years ago. Lally told me that she was inspired to join the choir after she had attended All Saints’ Nativity play when she was six. She thought it looked like fun, thought the story was well told and enjoyed the singing.

From Left: Charlotte Field, Lally Williams and Susannah Field

Susannah loved singing with Rebecca Bell, Junior Choir Mistress, at school so thought joining the choir would be loads of fun. After seeing their performance at the Henley Choir Festival, her elder sister Charlotte wanted to join too. All three girls had achieved their light blue and then their dark blue choir ribbons before working towards their Bronze Awards.

This was their first RSCM external exam. It was a lot of work, including extra lessons to make sure they were thoroughly prepared. They had to sight-read music, sing accompanied and unaccompanied and answer difficult questions about the church. Lally told me she could not read music when she joined the choir but is now working towards Grade Four in singing. Charlotte will be taking Grade Seven next term and Susannah Grade Six later this year.  They are all very impressive in their ability to play a range of instruments as well as having other passions, such as sport, dance and drama. They were presented with their awards, along with 16 other junior choristers by the Bishop of Oxford in November last year. The girls all wish to pay tribute to Rebecca Bell for her enthusiasm, encouragement and dedication which has resulted in their  success. Silver awards beckon!

 Sue Nickson