Archie Wood

archieArchie, a budding young artist from Peppard, spoke very enthusiastically about his passion for art. When asked when he got interested in art, he explained that two years ago he had been watching art videos on how to make sculptures out of icing. He started small with things like rabbits and moved onto bigger and more complicated things. He enjoys learning through books and videos and trying his own ideas.

Archie, 9 yrs, explained that he specialises in photographic art, turning pictures into human portraits. Archie said that his favourite piece of work is one of Nelson Mandela because it shows the symbolism of freedom and peace. He said that he

was inspired by everyone because art is all around him and hopefully he’ll be able to inspire others through his art work.

His latest piece, of the human eye, he entered into the Henley Youth Festival and was highly commended by the judges. Archie told us that his talent and artist flair comes from his great-grandmother. When asked whether he wanted to pursue a career in art, he told us that he thinks he could have a career but he would also like to be an architect, biologist or a doctor.

Harry Ayers and Darcey Smith, Junior Peppard News Editors