A Town, Country & Towpath Bike Ride

Last year I sent you off cycling up into the hills along the edge of the Chilterns, this time we are going in the opposite direction, something for everyone, hardly any mud and possible on most sorts of bike!!

From the Red Lion cross the B481 leave the former Dog Pub on your right, and set off down Dog Lane between the golf courses, up a slight hill, when the tarmac starts turn right onto Cross Lane, follow this to Kings Farm, then down the track to Old Place on the Harpsden Road.  Turn left & almost immediately right up hill on the bridlepath, not the footpath.

It’s a lovely wood, a bit hilly, generally keep rightish, through ‘Bones Wood’, coming out to an open field, follow round on a wood chip path to the right, ending up at the Bottle & Glass Pub. Turn left on the road, turn right after 500 metres where the field turns into wood, follow this till it opens up. Fork right to pass Upper Bolney House on your right, across Woodlands Road then fast downhill to the Henley – Shiplake road, straight across, over the railway, swing left onto Bolney Road.

This takes you over a footbridge to the towpath and eventually Marsh Lock. Remember to push your bike across the weir, turn right onto the towpath through Mill Meadow to Hobbs Boatyard. Get through Henley any way you choose, heading for Bell Street and onto the Fairmile.

Halfway along the Fairmile turn left into Lambridge Wood Road and almost immediately take a narrow track on the right, uphill behind all the garden fences, after a grind this opens out into Lambridge Wood where the bridle path is quite hard to follow but generally keep going in a straight line till you come to the Bix – Broadplat lane. Cross this going slightly left through lovely open beech woods with plenty of old flint pits to play in, eventually the various paths come together and you go steep downhill at the back of Greys Court, turn left to join Rocky Lane. Turn left, follow Rocky Lane to the Henley Road at the bottom of the dip, go up the hill towards Greys (there is a track on the left side of the road), come across Greys Green, pass the cricket pitch, opposite the turn to Shepherds Green turn left onto the permissive bridleway go immediately right around the golf course, est voila Le Pub !!

Well done, that’s about 18 kms and 200 metres of climbing, treat yourself to a drink.