A Quiet Genocide – Holocaust Debut for Kingwood Author

[The book]

A Quiet Genocide is the debut novel by Glenn Bryant and available in ebook and paperbook on Amazon from 22 August 2018. You can pre-order the ebook. It is published by Amsterdam Publishers, which specializes in Second World War fiction and non-fiction, and is passionate about Holocaust survivors sharing their stories.

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Glenn Bryant

Glenn Bryant, 42, lives in Kingwood near Sonning Common and works in Reading as a copywriter for a company in financial technology.

 [A Quiet Genocide background]

In Germany during the Second World War [1939-45], it is estimated that between 5,000-25,000 physically or mentally impaired children were murdered by the state. The government lied to parents and asked them to willingly hand children over to be cared for in institutions. Children would return home safely once the war was won, they were told. In truth, children were experimented upon and starved to death or quickly killed. Documents were sent to parents concocting fake deaths, detailing that their child had not survived transportation and had died from pneumonia or other complications. Richard Jenne was the last official victim – at Kaufbeuren hospital in Bavaria at 1.10pm on 29 May 1945, three weeks after American soldiers had liberated the town. His cause of death was recorded as typhus. Richard was four.

[Author quotes]

Glenn Bryant: “I first studied the Holocaust at university 20 years ago and, ever since, have always been interested with how people committed war crimes and then disappeared back to their everyday lives unpunished after 1945.

“In my research, I found that there was very little written about disabled Holocaust victims – approximately 750,000 people or three-quarters of a million people. Then I came across how disabled children were killed and the tactics the state used. How did parents live with what happened? How did they ever begin to forgive themselves or each other? It moved me so much that I quickly began writing about it. A Quiet Genocide is the final result.”

[A Quiet Genocide blurb]

Germany, 1954. Jozef grows up in a happy household – so it seems. But his father Gerhard still harbours disturbing National Socialism ideals, while mother Catharina is quietly broken. She cannot feign happiness for much longer and rediscovers love elsewhere. Jozef is uncertain and alone. Who is he? Are Gerhard and Catharina his real parents? A dark mystery gradually unfolds, revealing an inescapable truth the entire nation is afraid to confront. But Jozef is determined to find out about the past and a horror is finally unmasked which continues to question our idea of what, in the last hour, makes each of us human.


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