. A Community Speedwatch team comprising a team of volunteer villagers was set up to monitor speeding motorists through the village. Trained and supported by the local police, the volunteers note registration numbers of speeding vehicles and pass them on to the police.  Subsequently a warning letter is sent to the motorist and, if repeat occurrences are noted, a fine is implemented

Does speeding concern you?  Are there any particular roads where speeding is of concern to you?

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  1. Jennifer Smith

    My concern is the speed at which vehicles cross the top Common. Many people use the Common for walks and take their life in their hands to cross the road. It’s the first stretch where overtaking is feasible and drivers certainly use the opportunity at everyone else’s peril.

  2. Linda Collison

    There seems to be Police speed traps on a very regular basis in Rotherfield Greys, yet they are almost never on the Top Common, just once or twice nearer to Manor Farm. As a major pedestrian route from Top Common to and from the rest of Peppard – it amazes me that the Police appear to prefer Greys………

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