Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council – New Parish Councillors Required

Your Parish Council is now undertaking two new challenges:

Pavilion Improvements – the Council is now undertaking the challenge of implementing a £180,000 project in improving the Sports Pavilion. This will be the largest upgrade our Sports Pavilion has ever seen. We need new councillors to help bring this exciting plan to fruition.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan – From central government: the Department of Communities and Local Government comes a white paper ‘Fixing our broken Housing market. Supporting this, another paper called  ‘New houses and New places’ (Forward by Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP- Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) has been circulated to County and District Councils. It specifies new quotas – at County and Parish level.

South Oxfordshire District Council is developing a new Local Plan to implement these Government’s policies that, once approved, will shape the future of our district. This means an increase of 5% of houses in our Parish by 2033 but this could be 10% if there is no Neighbourhood Plan.

In summary, we believe that we need to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to influence development to enhance and benefit the Parish.

Please see link:

A good plan requires local knowledge, local thought, local resource and local action!

A good NDP will define (along with our planning authority) ‘the optimum’ places to build more homes.

Cllr Fiona Berry has been heading our Planning Applications team for the last 5 years (7 years as a Parish Councillor) – and has been very successful in providing detailed responses and objections to new developments where required. She has grown her knowledge of planning skills during her time on the Council.

Fiona will be leaving next March (2018) – at the end of our Council year – so we urgently need interested members of the community to join and support our Planning Team…now. This means that Fiona (and her team) can then work together with our new councillors in drafting a document to address the NDP issue.

Put simply, if we don’t have the resource on the Council to respond, we will not respond. If we have no plan, as a village, we will see unplanned property development everywhere. This equates to the ‘Wrong Houses in the Wrong places’!

The Parish Council will be half strength (5 councillors) by the end of the year against a full team of 10.

Don’t hesitate to call me if the above aspects present worrying prospects….this is no time to hold back!