New Parking System at Townlands Hospital

A new number plate recognition parking system went live at Townlands Hospital on 10th April.  A camera records the number plate of vehicles as they enter the hospital site from York Road.  Visitor (rather than staff) parking is at the front of the main hospital building, and new signs will direct motorists to the main reception desk where there is a user-friendly touch pad (like an iPad) which you should use to enter your registration number to confirm that you are a legitimate visitor to Townlands.  The reception staff will remind you and help you use the screen if you find it difficult.  There is a final camera sited at the exit of Townlands, which will take the number plate of vehicles as they leave the site.If you are just dropping someone off or collecting someone from Townlands, there is a 20-minute grace period.  This means that you do not need to use the touch pad to enter your registration number.

Unauthorised parking will incur a fine but if you forget to enter your registration number on the touch pad and you had a legitimate reason to be at Townlands (such as a hospital appointment), you can appeal the fine as long as you provide proof to back up your appeal.

Hopefully the new system will make parking at Townlands simpler and visitors can park on site.

Here is a link to a useful leaflet from Townlands’ website: